Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2nd, 2012

This week really exploded! In a good way. As we say sometimes on our missions, "We got some new people coming out of the woodworks." I don't really know what that really means, but I like it.

The thing I want to talk about today is conference. It was super awesome! I have never appreciated having prophets on the earth as much as I do now. It is truly a blessing to have the priesthood authority back on the earth and to have living prophets and apostles. I learned a lot during this conference. The main thing that I walked away with was that we should seek for more spiritual guidance and revelation. I thought that that was the main message of this conference, but I was wrong. After conference we went to a member's home and had a lesson. We asked them what they all got from conference. We went around the table sharing what we all took from the words spoken. The dad shared first, he said that this conference Jesus Christ was mentioned so much, it was just like a reassuring feeling that He lives today, the daughter said that she thought families were huge in this conference, a friend of the family said that the Atonement was a pretty big thing talked about, the mom said that she liked the part about special needs children because she is now probably going to adopt one, the son said doctrine really stood out to him. Then me and my companion shared what we got from conference. It was really cool that each of us all walk away with different messages that stand out to us.

That is just more evidence to me on how real this gospel is. How true it is. How much Heavenly Father loves us. How the Holy Ghost is real and does teach us things and not only just things, but things that we need at certain points in our lives.

I think all of us who watched conference are now on "Spiritual Highs" and it doesn't haven't to end in a weeks time. We can keep these highs that we have as we look back on the words spoken at conference, as we read the scriptures, and just keep doing the little things. We can learn new things every time because the Spirit is the true teacher. Something that I need to work on is to do more on my part to be able to continue receiving inspiration and revelation by looking back on talks/advice, by prayer, fasting, pondering, and studying the scriptures. When we ask, we receive. We can grow in the gospel everyday.

I love and miss you all. I couldn't do this without your love and prayers.


Elder Christiansen

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