Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 23rd, 2012

We got some rain this week, but nothing too bad. I love the rain here because it is like the perfect weather when it is raining, but then sometimes the sun will come out right after the rain and it will be super hot and you just feel like you are walking around in like warm moist. But the weather here kind of reminds me of Fallon's in the sense that it is super random.
I probably had one of the best compliments I have ever received this week from a two year old. We went to visit a member and her grandson was there who really wasn't shy at all and loved us! He wanted to sit on the couch with us and was trying to play cars with us, but then his grandma asked him who we were. And he said, "They're angels." It was pretty cool! It amazed me just how much we can learn from little kids. They seem to have a spiritual sensitivity sometimes that we just don't have. Even though us missionaries aren't perfect and we are constantly messing up, the little boy could tell that we carried with us something special. I just wish the whole world was as open, humble, meek, etc. as him, conversions would be so much easier!
I had a couple experiences this week where I learned things that weren't too obvious at first. For example that little boy was one, then also at church this week a member gave a talk that we had shared a message with before. He told us at our appointment with him that he couldn't read scriptures because at 8 years old his vision basically almost left him. He said that he only has 10 percent vision. So he can read, but it has to be really big words. As he was giving his talk this Sunday I had forgotten about the vision problem. He seemed to be doing a great job at looking up when he was speaking, but when he went to read, it was kind of tough. I could see that he was flipping through his talk papers pretty fast. I then realized that the words on the papers were BIG in order for him to read the writing. I was thinking why did he even accept the assignment to talk if he knew it would be a struggle to speak and could probably very easily have gotten out of the task. What I took away from the talk is that I could really do a better job at whatever calling I am given. And to do it without question and with trust in the Lord that it will all work out. He was a great example to me this week on how to magnify a calling.
We also met a wonderful lady this week who we helped receive an answer to her prayers. It was a great experience. At the end of the prayer that she said, she looked up smiling, and told us that she just felt so much better and peaceful. It is such a blessing to see others feel the love of Christ and to see them feel the Holy Ghost. I am so grateful to be apart of this work. The best part is that it isn't even my work, but that I am just an instrument in the Lord's hand. I have looked at myself a lot during my mission as a "sower", but I realized kind of how I am actually "reaping" what the Lord is "sowing" and it truly is a blessing.
Love and miss you all! Thanks for the support and prayers!
Elder Christiansen

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