Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19th, 2012

So this week something amazing truly did happen and we saw a pretty awesome miracle from the Lord.
About a month ago we were talking to this family here who is a part member family. We thought that they had some potential in the gospel. And we asked the non-member if he had ever talked to missionaries. To our suprisement he said that they had talked to him, but never done the "lessons" with him. We asked him if he would be interested in hearing them. He said that we could set up an appointment  to teach a lesson, but it seemed though that the lesson was just for the intent of just to have a lesson for the heck of it. So we set up the appointment up, which was pretty far away because he had family visiting, events to do, etc. He also told us that basically he was willing to listen to us one time and he told us his likes and dislikes and gave a little background on himself. We had the feeling that the lesson would basically have to greatest lesson of all time in order to open up his heart to want to hear us a second time. We were also a little discouraged that the lesson we set up was like 3+ weeks away. We shouldn't have been discouraged at all and we were totally wrong on thinking that we had to give the greatest lesson ever.
This past week, we had the lesson with them. During personal study, I studied for about 35 minutes for him, thinking about him and what he needed. I created a pretty good lesson plan (so I thought) and thought that there were a lot of good ideas in it. Waiting to discuss it with my companion because we were on exchanges. So when we got back off exchanges, we talked about the lesson throughout the day. Role Playing it as if my companion was the investigator and I was the teacher. We couldn't come up with anything that just felt perfect or even really good. The lesson was in our minds all day and just nothing was coming. We finally got to the appointment and had dinner first and we talked to them. We still had no idea on what to teach. We then went to sit down with him after dinner to have the lesson. Still with no ideas. When we sat down, he started telling us about how he felt, his intentions, etc. He said that he wanted to take his family to church, that he had never really been open to our church, but is now going to open up and listen to what we have and to experiment on it. He was willing to act on answers he got. Basically in the 3 week period that there was from the time to setting up the appointment to actually teaching him, the Spirit had really worked on him. It was such a blessing and a nice little reminder from the Lord as if He was telling us, "Don't worry I got you covered." Then the investigator told us to share with him our defining message. So we taught the Restoration (Which was not really one of our 3 plans we had haha) and it was awesome! So much better than I expected. We have another appointment with him. It truly was a miracle and I know that this is the Lord's work.
I love and miss you all! Thank you for your prayers
Elder Christiansen

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