Monday, March 5, 2012

Feb. 27th, 2012

So things have been going pretty good lately. We don't really have anyone who is progressing or near baptism, but we are constantly receiving blessings and seeing the Lord's hand  everyday.
We were told to really clean our apartments and to de-junk them. A lot of times missionaries will leave things behind. And you have the most random things in your house. So we De-junked the heck out of our house and cleaned it pretty good and organized it. And I didn't realize it until today when I read President Hall's email, but we have been seeing more miracles and feeling more of the Spirit. The Spirit was stronger in our house and we were receiving more revelation. One day we prayed and chose a street to knock. It wasn't like a huge spiritual expression came to us, but we just felt good about one street, so we decided to go tract it. It was the coolest/weirdest street I have ever knocked. We found a part member family who weren't in the church records, we met a nice pastor, we cheered up a man with terminal cancer, we had the two most crazy door contacts of my life (we asked them questions at the door step and they totally agreed with everything we were saying and asking, but then weren't interested in hearing us #baffled), then we taught a lady on her grass. Even though we didn't see any "huge" miracles on the street, I felt like we were suppose to go there and it was an awesome experience.
But I guess I learned a couple of things this week, and most of them I already knew, but my testimony strengthened in them this week, is that the Spirit can't dwell in unholy temples and dirty missionary apartments (as well), that this is the Lord's work and no matter how smart, worthy, and qualified we are as missionaries, we can't do it without Him and that we should put our trust in Him, the Spirit is not a shouting voice or really loud, but more just thoughts and whispers, and if we don't keep a journal we easily forget about the Lord's hand and the little inspirations that we receive every day. The other night I was thinking, "wow, I really haven't seen the Lord's hand", then I opened my journal and just started reading and noticed a lot of things that I had so easily forgotten, and if I didn't write them down, they probably would have been lost forever.
Yesterday at church, we received 4 referrals, which was crazy cool. Two medias and two from members all in about 30 minutes. That was a miracle we saw yesterday, and hopefully one of them will turn out to accept the gospel!
Well I love and miss you all! Have a great week and I am grateful for your prayers!
Elder Christiansen 143 

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